Solvent Liquid Dyes


1 S.Blue 79 Solvent Blue 79
2 S.Blue 98 Solvent Blue 98
3 S.Green 33 Solvent Green 33
4 S.Orange 98 Solvent Orange 98
5 S.Red 164 Solvent Red 164
6 S.Red 19 E Solvent Red 19E
7 S.Red 161 Solvent Red 161
8 S.Yellow 107 Solvent Yellow 107
9 S.Yellow 124 Solvent Yellow 124
10 S.Yellow 174 Solvent Yellow 174
11 S.Maxol Blue Solvent Maxol Blue


1 Black H
2 Black TW 60
3 Blue 2189
4 Bronze M
5 Brown M
6 Green 5000
7 Green G 65
8 Green G 75
9 Green M
10 Orange M
11 Orange R
12 Purple M / Violet
13 Purple R
14 Purple RS - 85
15 Red G
16 Yellow

Our Products

In our product list you will find a list of various mixtures & virgin dyes. The mixtures which can be produced based on specs supplied by the customers. Generally, specs in these products consist of an absorbance at Lambda Max. Wavelength for a particular concentration or a spectralcurve which is given by the customer. The customer also specifies the solvent to be employed- e.g. Xylene or some high flash solvent, etc. Other specs like density, viscosity, insoluble &moisture are also given by the customer

Usage :

These products are used by refineries to differentiate the various types of Fuels. Such differentiation enables the fuels to be distinguished for ease of identification, & prevents Adulteration. The regulations governing the use of such dyes are laid down by the Governments of different countries as different fuels attract different taxes, & thus, these dyes are also called fiscal dyes.

They are used in various petroleum products such as:-
  • Mineral oil
  • Jet oil
  • Gas oil
  • Tractor fuel
  • Crude oil commonly used for heating,
  • lighting or industrial purpose
  • Leaded and unleaded gasoline
  • High and low octane gasoline
  • High and low sulfur diesel
  • Aviation fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Lubricants

Other Information

Target Market includes
  • Additive companies
  • Oil Marketers
  • Supply and distribution companies
  • Refineries
  • Governments

Technical Application Guide for liquid petroleum dyes:

For lubricants, the dosage levels are generally much higher than in the Gas oil. In lubricants, dosage levels vary from 150 to 200 ppm, whereas in Gas oils, it is varying between 10 ppm to 50 ppm. The actual dosages for Gas oils are prescribed by the Govt. concerned, which also decides on which particular dye or combination of dyes, etc should be used for which fuel.

Our liquid petroleum dyes is suitable for any type of Gas oil. The key parameter however for a sensitive application like aviation fuel would be insoluble which need to be lower than 0.5%.

Mode of application is by a metering pump.

Detection kits are available in the market to test for presence of particular markers in a petroleum product.

Product Performance

Our Petroleum Dyes when blended with fuels and petroleum products DO NOT CHANGE the performance of fuels and petroleum products. Our Products are-Free from impurities, unaffected by light, tropical temperatures and hydrolysis  also our dyes are Free from objectionable odour.